Andy Hamilton, Donaeld the Unready & friends…

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 10.24.42
March has been a busy time for us at Rabbit Island Productions; we’ve been beavering away shooting and editing a number of book promos for crowdfunding publishers Unbound.

Firstly we caught up with a less well known chapter of English history, that of Donaeld the Unready in this animated promo:

Support Donaeld’s book here.

Then we delved into the world of renowned photography duo Amit and Naroop’s Turbans and Tales project:

Support their book here.

Then we had the pleasure of filming with the marvellous Jessica Martin, star of the stage, Doctor Who and Spitting Image:

Support her book here.

Then we journeyed to darkest Hertfordshire to learn about Michael Smith (@MythicalBritain)’s new illustrated version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:

Support Michael’s book here.

Then we had the honour of creating a video for Outnumbered / Drop the Dead Donkey writer-director Andy Hamilton’s new audio documentary series:

Get involved in the series here.

And finally, the month ended with a sunny day out in Brixton filming with poet and former-gang member Karl Lokko:

Support Karl’s book here.

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