‘Beat & Strum’ (poem)

There’s been a prevailing sense of doom in the air over the past few months and this led me to script I wrote seven years ago about the end of the world. That can’t be cheery, surely? Well, the script was actually a comedy (with some slightly more emotional movements, of course) and I found this – a poem I wrote for a character to deliver, which was going to be replaced once I cast a poet who’d probably have something better to say in her/his own voice.

I keep coming back to it, though, so I thought now was as good a time as any to share it.

It’s called…

Beat & Strum – scene from a film I never got round to making

People fight, people cuss,

end of days, such a fuss.

Do I care now how I go?

What emotion do I show?

I can go with the flow,

but I won’t miss the final blow,

so I’ll forget about myself,

share the love and share the wealth.

Now an army is preparing,

for the lost and the despairing,

take the fight to the street

and the soldiers they will meet,

but bring no arms,

they got no qualms,

the guitar,

the drum,

they will beat and they will strum,

and they will sing then from the heart,

bringing comfort in their art,

break the apocalyptic night,

in their souls and bring the light,

and when the end is near,

we stand tall, embrace the fear,

I’ll feel scared for a while,

take a breath and then I’ll smile,

cause if I am afraid,

of the fate God made,

then it was worth all the strife,

as I have valued my life.


© Mark Bowsher (written in Australia in 2009, handful of tweaks in 2016)