‘The Red Haze’ (short story)

An old man sits on a park bench under the stars. He is also above the stars. They surround him on every side. The endless stretches of the cosmos wrapping themselves around him.

The fields of stars twinkle brightly. Pinpricks of light shimmering in the darkness, in the golden-hemmed indigo of the millennia-long billow of nebula, and in the scarlet and emerald of the star-forming gas clouds; reaching his eyes from across the void after lightyears of travel. Some from fresh new suns, burning bright, bringing life and destruction into their corner of existence; others ghosts of stars long gone. A sphere of creation past and present. A scattering of light in the endless dark, each shining down on the crevices of his life-worn face.

All things envelop him and yet he sees just two objects: one battered old shoe and its neighbour.

That’s the first few paragraphs of ‘The Red Haze’, a short story about a man who searches for a planet of the edge of the known-Universe with a secret. Click the image below to read the whole story…