Director Mark Bowsher is also a freelance writer contributing to Cult TV Times, Den of Geek and Lionsgate’s Fright Club ezine

He has written a number of award-winning short films.

His debut fantasy novel The Boy Who Stole Time is available now in paperback from Amazon:

Time - final cover

He is currently working on a new sitcom project named It’s All Lies.

Or click on some of the pretty pictures below to sample some of Mark’s articles and short stories…

The Pitch (short story, Fright Club 2011)

Probable Sequels & Inevitable Crossovers (Fright Club, 2011)

Matt Smith - The Luckiest Doctor? (Cult TV Times, 2014)Doctor Who's Most Bizarre Moments Den of Geek 2013, under pseudonym Robin Betts)(under pseudonym Robin Betts)

I Killed Tristan Metcalf (Fright Club, 2012)The Disappearance of Violence in British Children's TV (Cult TV Times, 2014)

Who's Next After Wheatley? (Cult TV Times, 2013)The 10 Most Horrifying Scenes NOT in a Horror Movie (Fright Club, 2010)Carol Reed Biography (networkonair.com, 2013)Confessions of a Fright Night Performer (Fright Club, 2010)

The Art of the Bottle Episode (Cult TV Times, 2013)

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