Jamie Paradise

Today’s guest for My Book in 3 Books is Jamie Paradise. He’s lived all around the world and has an alter-ego as the Guardian’s Manchester football correspondent. Let’s see what the 3 books he considers most influenced his own.

I don’t care about your book! Instead tell me about three books which influenced your book…

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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For its vividness, fury and sound; a totally heart-stopping read from start to end. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliffe are two of the all-time great literary characters whose love becomes a hate fuelled by the visceral anger that sears through them. I haven’t read the novel for years but it continues to linger.

White Jazz by James Ellroy

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Another huge influence on my own novel for its grandstanding/plotting/exhilarating prose-music/RIDE. Told in a synaptic first-person voice that transfixes/mesmerizes. Dave Klein is a guilt-ridden LAPD lieutenant who KNOWS he’s shaking-down his psyche more than his bosses/FBI/lowlifes and just cannot stop because deep down he doesn’t want to.

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

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The language/story/the sense of locale  – America deep south going into Mexico – were all a big influence on Night Time Cool. Like the above novels I’ve read this a few times and like those it is a TRIP. Hallucinatory, like all the best yarns, Blood Meridian cannot be forgotten.

Oh, ok – tell me about your book then…

Night Time Cool by Jamie Paradise

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DI Frederick ‘the Fredster’ Street and son Elvis hope to take the other down over a fake cocaine bust.

What is love, what is father-son love, what is guilt if guilt doesn’t exist as it never will for Frederick Street who is bad and crooked cop in the conventional sense AND centred/at ease with himself in the conventional sense.

Throw in coming spiv, James Maroon, who wants to usurp Frederick; Richard ‘Ricardo’ ‘Ricky Me’ Cliff, a goon-o street level dealer; Vanessa Compton who loves to double-cross; and Dana Gabrielle, a big-brained hack who Elvis looks to, and Night Time Cool’s caper-filled cabaret has its retinue of main players.

Head on over to Amazon and nab a copy of Jamie’s Night Time Cool.