What We Do

Rabbit Island Productions is an award-winning production company specialising in corporate / promo videos, music videos, shorts and actors’ showreels. Corporate clients include Santander, The Big Issue, Pearson, Trends Institution and Choice Support. We’ve created music videos for Good Work Watson, Ekkoes, Go-Zilla, Nisha Chand and Morgan Crowley.

The company, if you’re wondering, is named after an island off the coast of Cambodia. Here’s what our director Mark Bowsher says about it…

Rabbit Island (Cambodia)

This is Koh Tonsay – a beautiful little Cambodian island I visited in December 2008 and really fell in love with. It’s here I wrote a speech for a film (that hopefully I’ll get around to making one day) that encapsulates a lot about what I love about film and life so I decided to name the company after this island. (Plus it’s English translation ‘Rabbit Island’ did sound like the quirky sort of thing us arty types pick for a production company!)

Since coming back I made a short film, Brenda, with my friend Emma Brand and we won Best Short and Best Screenplay and she won Best Actress at 2 Days Laughter in 2011.

In 2012 I made a much more serious short, The Watchers, which played at a number of festivals including New Media in Los Angeles where it won Best Short and was praised by the Huffington Post and Gorilla Film Magazine:

“The Watchers is a spooky, witty, disturbing treat – with aesthetic elements reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, Requiem For A Dream, and early Woody Allen films – but with a style and atmosphere all of its own.”
Xaque Gruber, The Huffington Post

“Through Mark Bowsher’s direction, The Watchers has taken on a Frankensteinian life of its own. Whilst it might appear from the description to be of the esoteric nature, it’s anything but, culminating in an entirely individual and ominous concept that lingers long in the mind after the end credits start to roll.”
Gorilla Film Magazine

My last short, Only One Person Will Like This Film, won Best Short at Maidstone Film Festival in 2012 and was picked by the BFI as one of ten films (out of over 300) at the London Short Film Festival.

Rabbit Island Productions was set-up in 2013 and after a year of hard-graft we found ourselves with an excellent group of regular clients and we’re looking forward to welcoming more soon.

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