Actors’ Showreels

At Rabbit Island Productions we always enjoy editing showreels for actors and we’ll even shoot additional showreel material if this is what you require. Get in touch to find out more.

Showreel edits cost £110.

To have a scene written, shot and edited from scratch, it’s £490. £540 for two scenes.

Here’s our showreel edit for John Fricker

And for Gemma Paget

And finally for Simon Kingsley

For specially shot showreel scenes many companies offer a one-person-band who shoots and directs. We’ve always worked with a separate director to get the best out of your performance. So our showreel scenes from scratch packages include:

– A specially written script

– Rehearsal before the shoot

– Professional sound and image quality

– Both an award-winning director and a separate camera operator, rather than a one-person-band

– Edit of the scene supplied in whichever format/s you require

You’re welcome to bring another actor on board to appear in the scene/s with you or we can supply one for £50 per actor per scene. The only other additional cost would be if you require a specific location than would require an additional charge.

You can see the scene we shot for Victoria Denard and David Puckridge right here…

Or if it’s an audition video you want, get in touch with us for a quote.

You can also see our showreels for David Puckridge

& Victoria Denard..

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