Corporate / Promos

Interested in hiring us to film a promo? An internal video? An event? Excellent! We’re always keen to come up with creative ideas and shoot video content to the highest standard. Contact us here for a quote or enjoy some of our work below…

Here’s our promo for Unbound for Maxim Peter Griffin’s Field Notes:

& for Unbound Katya Boirand’s Poetry by Me Inspired by You:

& here’s our promo for Arab Cargo:

Our highlights reel for Trends Institution’s Constructions of Terrorism Conference:

Our promo for Unbound for Cain’s Jawbone:

Our promo for Unbound for Karl Lokko‘s The Butterfly Effect:

Our Unbound promo for Andy Hamilton’s Inside Donald Trump:

Our promo for Choice Support‘s MyPA campaign:

Our promo for Unbound for Take Pride by Sheila Parry:

Our promo for Unbound for Donaeld the Unready:

Our Unbound promo for Roman Krznaric‘s Carpe Diem Reclaimed:

Our promo for The Big Issue Foundation‘s Big Night Walk:

Our promo for Unbound for Andy Bush‘s Celebs at Home:

Our promo for Unbound for “saddest doodle of all time” artist Ben Cameron‘s Tragidoodles:

Here’s the video we shot for charity Daytrippers:

Our promo for Unbound for Sir Jonathan Bate‘s The Shepherd’s Hut:

Our promo for Unbound for Ronnie Le Drew‘s Zippy & Me:

Our promo for Unbound for Super Furry Animals / The Horrors illustrator Pete Fowler‘s Decades of Lead:

Our promo for Unbound for Sarah K. Marr for her book All the Perverse Angels:

Our promo for Unbound for Sophie Robehmed‘s Doppelgänger: My Search for Another Me.

Our promo for Living Record Theatre Co.‘s play Creditors:

And a couple of interviews we shot for The Big Issue Foundation to help promote The Big Noise Festival:

You can also see a clip from a performance we shot for Broken Glass Theatre Company:

Finally, here’s a section from the We Are Mind promotional video our director Mark Bowsher shot for charity Mind:

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